2x Batteries 3V Lithium CR2032

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The CR2032 3V batteries provide an excellent source of continuous and stable power.

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  • Model: CR2032
  • Type: Lithium
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Dimensions: 20 x 3.2 mm

It may also be known as:
DL2032, BR2032, KL2032, L2032, ECR2032, 5004LC, KCR2032, E-CR2032, KECR2032, SB-T15.

Can be used in:
Laser Pointers, Watches, Calculators, Motherboards, Computer CMOS, Digital cameras, PDAs, Remote Controls, Game Consoles, Electric motors, MP3 players, Digital Voice Recorders, Toys, Glycemia and Cholesterol Meters, Etc.

Package content:

  • 2 x CR2032 batteries (sealed)


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