Wireless SD Adapter ez Share Wi-Fi for Micro SD Cards


ez Share Wi-Fi microSD Adapter is a device with the function of wireless transmission and the SD card shape. It can be used as a normal SD card while a micro SD card is plug in Adapter. When the adapter with a micro SD is plugged in the DC/DV, it also can transmit the photos and videos from micro SD card to smart devices such as tablet, smart phone and laptop wirelessly. And can share the photos to SNS websites via the app. Different from ez Share Wi-Fi SD card, the adapter can select the storage capacity freely by user. It is a powerful micro SD card reader with the function of wireless transmission, and play as a bridge between the SD socket of DC/DV and micro SD.

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  • A powerful microSD card reader with the function of wireless transmission, with which users can transmit the photos and videos from microSD card to Wi-Fi devices wirelessly, and share the photos to SNS websites.
  • MicroSD's capacity from 4GB up to 32GB is optional.
  • Multi-user access, Multi-channel download, up to 5 user's access.


  • Download through Browers or Free APP.
  • It can be used as a normal SD card while a micro SD/SDHC card is plug in Adapter.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Smart download: Batch, resume broken transfer, preview.
  • Password Authentication. Max. Access Users 5.


Q: What microSD card is ez Share Wi-Fi microSD Adaptor able to support?
A: Support up to 32GB, Class10.

Q: Can ez Share be formatted?
A: Yes.

1) Please format ez Share using your DC in the first use.
2) When camera displays messages such as "Cannot create a folder", "The card is not formatted", "Cannot recognize the memory card", "Memory card full" or other information, you can re-format the ez Share using your DC menu or computer , ready for re-use.
3) ez Share will be reset to default settings after being formatted.

Q: What is the meaning of "Auto Push" in app? How to set?
A: "Auto Push" means the photos can be sent from camera to Wi-Fi device automatically, you can enable it in settings (Default is disable in app).

Q: My Wi-Fi device has searched ez Share, but can’t access ez Share successfully. Why?
A: 1) Please check you have inputted the correct Wi-Fi password; the default is “88888888”.
2) Make sure the IP setting of your Wi-Fi device is set to “Enable DHCP” or disable “Static IP Address”.
Q: How do I keep ez Share running for a long time?
A: Please prevent the camera from entering power-saving mode because it will shut down ez Share’s power. It is highly recommended to set the camera to non-power-saving mode when you wish to use the share function (See camera’s user manual).

Q: How do I reset the SSID name and password?
A: The default hotspot name (SSID) is “ez Share”, and the Wi-Fi password is “88888888”, admin password is “admin”. You can change the SSID and password by yourself or reset them as following:

1. Insert the ez Share into SD slot of the computer (Use USB to SD converter if no slot in the computer).
2. Delete the file named “ezshare.cfg” in the root directory.
3. Eject the ez Share card using your computer’s safe mode.
4. ” Hotspot name(SSID) ” , ” Wi-Fi password ” and ” admin password” have been successfully reset to default ones.

Q: Does ez Share allow multi-users to access?
A: Yes, ez Share simultaneously supports multi-user access. Exceeding maximum number of users might result in network jam or abnormal display.

Q: How do I avoid slow speed caused by multi-channel conflict in an environment that has too many Wi-Fi hot spots ?
A: ez Share allows the user to configure the Wi-Fi Channel manually, you can enter "Set" webpage to change the "Wi-Fi Channel".

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