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Cabo Null Modem Serial / RS232 / DB9 / 9 pinos - Femea
This cable allows the updating of satellite receivers and other devices with RS232 input. It is used to transfer data between machines and allows DTE or DCE terminals to communicate without conflicts.
Adaptador WLAN / Pen Wireless
This cable is a RS232 9 Pin Female to 9 Pin Female Cable. RS232 serial leads are commonly found on connections between peripheral equipment such as modems and a PC.
Connect your SATA controller to your peripheral eSATA device with this brand new, high quality cable which will transfer data at a rate of up to 3GB per second.
4 Pin IDE Molex Male to 15 Pin Serial ATA SATA Hard Drive Adapter Power Cable 4 Pin IDE Molex Male to 15 Pin Serial ATA SATA Hard Drive Adapter Power Cable 2
Serial ATA power cables are usually 4 or 5-pin cables with 15-pin connectors. SATA power cables currently use IDE/ATAPI to SATA power adapters.One end of the SATA power cable is a typical 4-pin IDE/ATAPI power connector (which gets connected to an unused power cable from the power supply) and the other end (15-pin connector) is connected to the SATA hard...
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DB9 Pin Extension Cable with great technology can satisfy your daily demand. High-fidelity design, anti-interference ability, to reduce transmission signal attenuation, have a good effect.
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